• Click on it and press a hotkey.
  • Choose a mouse button as hotkey from the “M” button.
  • Check “Keep native function” to keep this hotkey's original function. Otherwise the original function of this hotkey will be blocked.


Show Menu 1
  • Show menu only when the active window is a supported application.
  • Selected folder will be opened in the active window.
Show Menu 1.5
  • This is between 1 and 2, selected folder will be opened in active window if possible.
Show Menu 2
  • Show menu anywhere.
  • Selected folder will always open in new explorer window.
Open Selected Text
  • Open the select file/folder path, registry path or URL.
  • If open failed, search it on the internet.
Add Application
  • Go to Folder Menu 3 website.
Check update
  • Check for update.
Add Favorite
  • Add the path of active window to favorite.
  • If it is not a supported application, the application itself will be added.
  • Restart Folder Menu 3.
  • Show Options window.
Edit Config File
  • Edit Config.xml by text editor.
  • Exit Folder Menu 3.
Toggle Hidden Files
  • Toggle the show hidden files setting in explorer.
  • It will show/hide all hidden files including system files.
Toggle Hide File Extension
  • Toggle the hide extensions setting in explorer.
System Recent Menu
  • Recently used files/folders in the system recent folder.
Recent Menu
  • Recently used files/folders in Folder Menu 3.
Explorer Menu
  • List of currently opened explorer windows.
  • Click on an item to activate the window.
  • Right click on an item to open the path of that explorer.
Drive Menu
  • List of drives.
Tool Menu
  • Some default actions, just like those in the tray menu.
SVS Menu
  • List of layers of Software Virtualization Solution (through the SVSCMD command of Symantec Workspace Virtualization Agent).
  • Does anybody could explain a little bit more about that feature, for no geek users? I couldn't find out for what is is for and how to use it.
TC Menu
  • Items of Total Commander Directory Menu
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